A History of this Bialystock & Bloom website

The Bialystock & Bloom website is presented by the company "Bialystock & Bloom" - which was registered as a theatrical production company in Great Britain in 1977. The company was named in homage to the fictional production company "Bialystock & Bloom" featured in Mel Brooks' 1968 movie "The Producers." Since 1977 it has been used to present occasional theatrical productions.

Its most recent productions were the 1999 presentation of humorist Martin Lewis's acclaimed one-man show "Great Exploitations!" in three seasons at different Los Angeles venues - including what was the inaugural presentation at the brand-new Steven Spielberg Theatre at the American Cinematheque's restored Grauman's Egyptian Theatre complex in Hollywood. Bialystock & Bloom is currently presenting a new production of "Great Exploitations" in the 9th Annual Toyota Comedy Festival - taking place in New York City in June 2001.

This real-life company Bialystock & Bloom and this website have no official connection with the current Broadway stage presentation "The Producers" nor the 1968 movie of "The Producers" and does not present itself as such. (We do heartily urge everyone to see the Broadway show and to rent/buy the home video of the movie. Both are brilliant!)

The references on the Bialystock & Bloom website to the fictional characters of "Bialystock & Bloom" are light-hearted homage to the characters created by Mel Brooks - and are offered in the spirit of his marvelous comedic creations. There is no implication of endorsement of Martin Lewis's show by Mel Brooks or the producers of "The Producers" (The party of the first part shall be known as the party of the first part...)

Martin Lewis was invited to attend the opening night of "The Producers" including the private post-show party - and wrote a column about the evening for Time Magazine's website TIME.com.

Click here to read Martin Lewis's column about
the opening night of "The Producers" on the TIME.com website

Click here to read an extended version of this column
- archived on Martin Lewis's website

"The Producers" and Mel Brooks have been inspirations to Martin Lewis since 1969. Click here to read the full history.

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